Sunday, February 14, 2010

The Shape of My Heart (Warning: May contain extreme Canadian-ness)

It looks like this....
Wide and flat and kinda pointy? Probably. I get incredibly spirited when the Olympics come around and so this Valentine's Day:

My heart... excited to see all the different nations come together. It cheers for underdogs, from everywhere. (GO, Jamaican Bobsled Team!!!)

...thinks American Shannon Bahrke hugging every competitor that came down the mogul run after her with wild and supportive abandon was pretty cool. (GO, for hugs!)

...bleeds for Georgia. (There are no words...)

...loves, loves, loves The Great Game, will be rooting hard for Team Canada, and respects Crosby but would be leaps and bounds more excited to meet Ovechkin.

...doesn't really understand short-track speed-skating.

...actually gets weepy during inspirational commercials, medal presentations, heartbreaks and successes. a little embarrassed about said weepiness. (Seriously, it's not even hormone-related. Unless there's such a thing as "that time of the Olympiad." ) the events we don't have contenders in with the same enthusiasm as the ones we do. Who doesn't love to randomly adopt another country's athletes and just start cheering? (GO, Lithuania!)

...wonders how they made those whales during the opening ceremonies and who's that slam poet guy? Wow to both. (slight edge goes to the whales but the poem is here)

...has a sense of humour drier than the best of ginger ales. (GO, Canada Dry!)

...will always say "eh". I simply can't help myself and I'm not sure I really want to.

...hates the 'cheer' invented by Pepsi. As much as they're still evil, Coca-Cola just gets it. Pepsi, you don't. (PS. The Coke commercials are some of the ones that choke me up... I wish I was joking.)

...wishes it was in Vancouver.

Well, that is my maple-flavoured, bacon-wrapped, beer-dipped, "aboot"-saying heart's feelings today. I hope yours, no matter its shape or flavour, is equally full.

If this post is too full of Canadiana and rampant enthusiasm for you, I'm sorry. Oh, that was a little bit Canadian, too. Sorry. Ah, nuts. I'm just so excited.......!!!!!!!

PS. If you happen to have Sting's Shape of My Heart stuck in your head for the next few days, there is no need to thank me. You. Are. Welcome. :-)


  1. You made me smile. You made me laugh. Thanks!
    Now I'm off to watch the Olympics.

  2. I'm rooting for Canada to win ice hockey. That would be GREAT. Eh?

  3. I get all weepy during Olympics commercials's just so moving!

  4. Spent the whole weekend watching the Olympics and quilting. I love short track speed skating! Yeah Apolo and J.R.! Did you see the women's short track speed skating relay? Now that was a crazy competition and I have no idea how they keep track of who is doing what. I have been to Canada several times and I love it. It is so clean and the people are so friendly.

  5. You're so funny. Go Canada, eh? :)

  6. I loved this post!! My heart, alas, is not shaped like yours. But with you, I've totally marveled at these games. The opening ceremony had me in tears and I've been weepy ever since!

  7. So with you....... esp. on the underdogs, weepiness, and the confusion (no... it's more like being mystified) about short track. We've been watching lots and thinking how beautiful BC looks and feeling lucky to have Canada & all you Canadians as neighbors.

  8. I feel the same way as you do...and on the first night of competition (or second) when NBC had that piece on the Canadian downhill skier who's brother has cerebral palsy and then he won the gold - oh man, I was sobbing! But I'm usually crying every night over some sappy story they tell :-) (like the Chinese gold medal ice skating team that's married - I could go on and on!)

  9. hey i love the canadian thoughts we are looking on from australia and loving most of every thing that is happening..mind you we are sitting in the air conditioning and trying to keep is great when the nations come together...and we always feel like shedding a tear when the flags go up and the medels come out...margie

  10. It's the Tim's commercials that get me! This year's was good, but still not as good as the Chinese hockey dad. That one STILL makes me cry!


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