Monday, September 24, 2012

Back! And Forth...; Tying Bows with Forks

Holy moly, I was on hiatus for a while there....  I am back and will be returning to my (ir)regular posting routine of once or twice a week.

I will have a bigger catch-up post tomorrow but... 

TODAY is special.  I am featured at Mireio Designs today.  Excited?  Heck, yeah!

If you haven't come across Wende around the blog block yet, you've been missing out.  She's truly one of my favourite people in this world and a dear friend.  She writes with a refreshing sincerity and takes really lovely photos (often of really lovely stuff that she has in her really lovely shop!) In short, she inspires me.

When she asked me to contribute to a new thing she was starting, Teach Me Something, I immediately said yes.  And then I immediately started to panic.  Teach what???  And then I remembered that I had a little known skill that could be used to save hundreds, nay, thousands...! (...of seconds on wrapping gifts or decorating various items...)

Basically, I can tie a bow using a turkey lifter fork.  And you can, too!  Just pop on over to Mireio and watch the video tutorial. So, go! Go forth!

Bonus Diet Coke Drinking Game:  Take one sip for every time I inexplicably pause or um in the video.   Take a big gulp of Diet Coke if I try to same two words at the same time and have them come out as a third, possibly related word.


  1. can't get the video to run, but I did find online how to do it with a potato masher. I presume it's the same idea ??

  2. Great tut Carly. I will remember that for Christmas!

  3. Carly! Great video and a very useful tutorial. I just happen to have a couple of those very forks...somewhere!

  4. I have been missing you. I was going to email you this week to see how you were doing. Thanks for the tutorial. I am a Pepsi drinker, so when I watch I will take sips of that! ;-) Good to have you back!

  5. Lady! I was getting ready to email you to make sure everything was ok!
    Looking forward to more frequent posts like this awesomeness!


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