Monday, March 26, 2012

Blitzkrieg & Basting

SO.  I was quiet on the internet this weekend.  Didn't touch it.  I was absorbed in many things but most importantly, I was working on the Teacher Identity Project Quilt.

I received a bundle of scraps (and by scraps, I mean huge chunks of fabric) from Cafe Jabbaccino.  I was giddy beyond giddy and couldn't wait to get sewing.
My living room looked like an episode of Fabric Hoarders for much of the weekend and most of the activity had to be strategically set-up and coordinated so that I didn't burn the house down with the iron, cut myself with the rotary trimmer, or trip on any of the many cords running across the floor.  I may have lost the remote once or twice as well but I did manage to watch (sorta) a number of films I hadn't seen before and eagerly awaited the new season premiere of MadMen (during which NO SEWING happened.  Don Draper needs my full attention.)
Confetti made from scrap crumbs

I managed to finish the top and back (both pieced within an inch of their lives) before the sun meant pictures were out of the question. Here's a sneak peek:
The quilt is basted now.  I tried a new method of layering the sandwich to which I am now married, I love it so much.  I forget where I saw the idea (send up a flag if it was from your blog, please!) but it's sweet.  It sounds like it would take longer but it saves a ton of hassle.  You spread out your batting and then smooth out your top on it.  When every wrinkle is gone, trim the batting around your top to a couple inches larger and roll the whole thing up. Then you tape down your backing, centre your roll and roll it out, smoothing as you go.  If it's off-centre or going wonky, easy fix to roll it back up.  Trim the backing to your batting edge and pin like the wind.  I saved myself about twenty minutes doing it this way and I had to fight much less with the masking tape, the pins and wrinkles.  Awesome.

I began free-motion quilting an actual quilt for the first time last night.  This has been the perfect project to try new things and since it's definitely not a "decor" project, perfection isn't expected or part of the end goal.

The living room is mostly returned to its former glory.  I'll need to hit it with the vacuum when I'm finished.  I can't wait to show you the binding I made....


  1. YAY!! Wow, I'm honoured my fabric got it's own photo!! I love picking out the bits in your quilt. Do post more photos once it's done, done.
    I still can't get over the patterns you are making! So cool.

  2. The sneak peeks look great. I love the confetti! I am working on FMQ. I tried some again last night.

  3. This looks awesome, Carly! Wow, I can't wait to see it in all its true glory.


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