Sunday, December 4, 2011

Doorjamb: 1, Carly: Zero & Two quilts down, One to go

Doorjamb vs nose.  Doorjamb will take the title every time.   I was putting my bag away in my bedroom without actually entering the bedroom, in that old-fashioned way:  you know, hand on the jamb, lean in with one foot firmly planted and the other slightly off the hall floor.  Motion catches my eye, lean forward to say hi to the now-awake cat, and set bag down.  Go to put my foot back down and exit. Instead, slip.  Face goes crashing towards jamb. WHACK!

Not broken!  But bruised.  Made for a great and scabby story to tell to my students the next day.  Of course, you're always going to have the full attention of teenagers when you start a class with, "Who wants to hear how I almost broke my nose yesterday?"

Despite my nasal misadventures, I have another project to cross off my Christmas gift list.

I call this lap quilt for my father Square Dance, though I was tempted, albeit briefly, to call it Lap Square Dance. (heehee) Thought he'd find it funnier...  Nothing like an inappropriate joke to get you through the tediousness that is basting a quilt!

Quilted with circles, since I've decided I really like the look, and to break up the insanity of squares within squares.  Made mostly with Moda with some Hometown by Sweetwater, some red Kona, and backed with some brown Essex linen.  Approx 56" x 74".

All that fussing with the paper and super tiny strips - the red squares are 1/2" wide - was worth the effort as I don't think my piecing has ever been so precise.  You'll have to forgive the ugly clamps holding it up. I had a limited stealth-photo window and had to make do without assistance of any kind.  Where are Santa's speedy little helpers when you need them?


  1. ouch! sorry about your nose. i recently did something similar with a bathroom cabinet. not fun!

  2. also, how do you get the circles so completely you do it yourself? i vaguely remember someone telling me there are special long armed machines or something for that. i still cant quite picture how that works.

  3. Lap square..hehehehe....The circles look fabulous. That must have taken forever, turning it through your machine as each round got larger!

  4. sorry about the door jam thing . . . but the quilt is gorgeous!!

  5. Look at you being productive. When you're done, can you come help me paint this house? :D

    And OUCH. Hope that heals quickly.

  6. Yeah, I don't get how to make the circles so perfect either!? I LOVE how you didn't make the circle in the centre either. This quilt is gorgeous and huge! I made one about the same size in 2009 and it was super simple compared to yours so I can imagine how much work this was.

    Great job!

    Here is a link to my quilt:

    (Oh, and here's to you not breaking your nose on that jamb!!)


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