Sunday, December 6, 2009

Six of one, a full dozen of the other...

Yesterday morning, I was in a hurry. I still had several little birds to hand-finish as a birthday gift for Sister before family-double-birthday-dinner-out at 5:30 (Father's is Tuesday). I had tried several times to accomplish this apparently simple task several times throughout the week and had been thwarted - yes, thwarted! - repeatedly. I thought I had them well in hand (so to speak) on Thursday night, enlisting borrowed fingers for stuffing when Sister arrives unexpectedly and there was a mad scramble to conceal the evidence and the smug and untrue accusation that I was a Survivor-watcher....

Luckily, yesterday morning, I was blessed with a solid uninterrupted hour during which to finish and package the ornaments. I mused about having a little sister and that she was getting older and that made me even older than that. I gave myself a good hard giggle when a line from The Three Amigos popped into my head: "Sew, very old one. Sew like the wind!" It was followed by Steve Martin doing his birdcall: "Caw! Caw! Lookuphere, lookuphere!" Why is that movie so very funny to me? I imagine it has to do with precious childhood and days when we were small. Sister does the best "Lookuphere" of anyone I know.

I breathed a sigh of relief. I marvelled at the time I now had to take a shower and eat my brain with a couple hours of a mindless computer game I hadn't played in ages. I could've gotten a jump on some other sewing projects for Christmas but I needed a sewing break.

Because if I'm honest, these birds kicked my ass a little bit. They looked simple enough. BUT I did learn and hone the technique for making them with almost every step. Poignant lessons such as: Small curves need short stitch length and anyone who says that a 3/4" strip can yield 1/2" bias tape is lying to you! Use the full inch. Three-quarters yields burnt fingers, blue-streaked air and semi-useless, mangled 3/4" strips of fabric scraps. A vicious horrible lie.

Like low-fat cheese. [Full body shudder complete with blecch face.]

*Pattern for birds with wings can be found on The Purl Bee. The other birds were found in Last-Minute Patchwork and Quilted Gifts - written, conveniently, by the talented Joelle Hoverson, who owns Purl, where I would like to visit provided I had some money because I KNOW I would not leave there empty-handed, even if she lies viciously about bias tape. (She has a yarn shop, too. Swoon.)


  1. Them birdies are stink'n cute!
    Whitney :)
    PS: I love the word "thwarted"!

  2. I know your pain on this. I made birds from scratch last year for the store. Only, mine had an envelope close in the back so I could put a bird shaped insert of lavender. I sold one and gave one away and then said, NO MORE. The pattern taunts me daily. I should put it away, but I don't like being undone by something.

  3. I've wanted to make those birds...but haven't yet. Your's are super cute!

  4. adorable ornaments! I love the fabrics that you used.


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