Thursday, November 7, 2013

Really Random Thursday: Knitting, Friends, Swifts, and Hockey

SOoooo - it's been a long time since I had my blogging wits about me for a random Thursday but I'm happy to play Randomeer today!

1) I've been knitting socks like a madwoman over the summer and into the fall. Seriously.  There's been lots of knitting.  Two shawls as well.  And then a little project to deal with leftover sock yarn.

Pattern info clockwise from top left here, here, here, here and here.  Warning about the Honeycomb socks and the Skew socks - they are not really great for folks with high arches/insteps.  The reason that super-cool diagonal is not gracing my foot is because they don't fit my arch and I can't get them on.  Luckily, they fit a friend!

Why all the socks?  Well, the company that makes the only store-bought socks I really liked manufactured items in the factory that collapsed this spring in Bangladesh and then refused to sign any legally binding agreement that would help to make conditions better and safer the people who work there. Several petitions and activist emails later, they still haven't signed and I'm resigned to make my own socks until I can find an ethical mass-made version. 

2) Cindy - yes, THAT Cindy! :-)  sent me a great little bag for my sock-knitting shenanigans.  Look at the perfect fabric she chose... Look at the measuring tape drawstrings!! I heart her.

The socks in the bag are Tintern Abbey, but I'll say this about them, I haven't quite perfected the Sherman Toe/Heel and thankfully am past the heels though I had to reknit them many, many times... Lots of Grr-argh going on.  But it should be smooth sailing from here!

3) Sometimes in life, one's project-loving father retires after 46 years and begins to spend his days in the same house where one's mother has been spending her own relaxed retirement.  First - there's fancy party where one wears a dress and one does the "Snap the picture, already" fashion pose...

To keep him from knocking down walls, taking apart engines and calling out very early in the morning for people to get a move on and help out, or to stop one's mother from demanding he get a part time job because he's driving her crazy...., one comes up with a project and begs for a much needed yarn swift!!

Tada!! Totally collapsible, works like a charm, and no more using my feet and knees!
I use a bag clip to wind center-pull balls - works pretty slick and keeps the tail out of the way!

But no worries - there is no trouble on the M household front. My parents are still incredibly cute.  But now they can have date night any night of the week.  They're schmoopy like that.

4) And another reason for all the knitting is the most wonderful time of the year is upon us again - hockey season!! :-)  I knit while watching to keep from getting too yell-y/bouncy....

Surprisingly, I had never been to a live NHL game before.  I know that an exhibition game in town here doesn't exactly count but I got tickets for my birthday to the Jets/Bruins game here in Sept. It was awesome. The Bruins brought all their stars. We had great seats.  B's 5-0.
I'm on the home blue line - someone pinch me!!

5) And finally, it's really disappointing when the CBC can't spell in the Hockey Night in Canada app....

What's a transcation??

Linking up with the Randomeers at LiveAColorfulLife!  Thanks for hosting, Cindy!


  1. Love all the knitting....can't make socks...just saying.
    Transcation .....defined as similar to a vacation or staycation but involving transit..such as transfer to another team .!! You didn't know that?? LOL 😝

  2. Oh, I'm cold right now, send me some of those socks! I wish I could knit, but my hubby doesn't want me to pick up another hobby ;)
    I've been to an Oilers game before, but it's always funner going when they're winning...

  3. You look stunning in your party dress! And I envy you all that sock knitting! I am really going to teach myself one day! And Cindy's drawstring bag is the perfect addition to your 'wardrobe'! BTW your blog is mentioned in a blogroll in Issue 160 of "Down Under Quilts" Did you know?

  4. Too funny Carly. Your parents sound adorable. Your father is fortunate to have been at a job 46 years. Isn't Cindy great? Lets talk about those socks. Gorgeous--every one. We were watching hockey last night too. I better find my knitting.....

  5. Every time I see knitted socks, it makes me want to learn to knit better. Maybe after Christmas...

    And I am stealing that chip clip idea. Brilliant!

  6. Transcations. haha Ooops!

    Your knitting projects are fantastic, yay for cindy for sending you such a perfect bag, and for moment I was going to say boo on the Bruins but then I remembered that you're fan. haha

  7. Okay, you are ROCKING that dress! Where did you get? That bag is super cool, the drawstring is AWESOME!! And I love your comment about bounce-y and yell-y. Congrats to your dad!!

  8. LOVE your socks, Carly. Is that the magic loop thingy? Socks are on my list of doing one day. First I need to graduate to an adult sweater though. And before that, I need to finish the shawl that I've frogged the lace edge on twice already. I'm determined to stay a monogamous knitter. :)

    And the pix of you looks fab!

  9. I like the colors you chose for you socks. One thing is certain you will not be going cold this winter.

  10. I can knit! But after a year, I haven't figured out heels, I don't know why... not a hockey fan, but it is great when something special comes to town and you can go see it in real life... The BC Lions do some training sessions in spring in my town and I am always there!

  11. You are totally rocking that dress, chica! WOW!! And congrats to your dad! That's a huge deal. I'm pretty sure I will never see retirement. However, since we both work from home--we're kinda living like that already. :D

    And the socks are amazing. So beautiful. I like that blue pair on top. Yummy!!

  12. You can knit too?! You look awesome in that dress!!! I had to chuckle at your "snap the picture already" description - I feel the same way when I'm on that side of the camera. Enjoy hockey season and those "transcations" ;-)

  13. Gorgeous socks! I keep wishing I could find some time for a little knitting. Maybe it's the weather. And maybe once I get a few more things finished.... Love the yarn swift, too. Very clever!

  14. I am so impressed by people that can knit something besides a scarf, Carly. Your projects are so pretty...and so are you!

  15. Just dropped in during the Blogathon Canada. Gorgeous work. Love the yarn swift. Your dad could really have something going there.

  16. Love the yarn swift(?) is that a recycled CD? Very cool!

  17. Loved visiting your blog and your projects are amazing. You beat me posting your cute sock sac and I made one from my friend that knits double layer mits.

  18. Love your socks! And that sock bag is great! I could do one of them for storing my half knitted socks, I am not so fast at knitting!

  19. Well. Haven't you been hiding your glam self behind lots of woolie socks?! You're a doll! And that Cindy... she just makes the rest of us look like slugs with all her uber-sweet givingness. That bag is to covet! Perfect for your yarn-y goodies. You're a great Randomeeress, Carly! Keep up the good work!

  20. I always love your knitting. I need to learn how to wind yarn.

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  22. You are so talented. I really miss your posts and hope all is well!

  23. Hi, Carly. I miss you so much!! Nothing like responding to this post SUPER late. Ack. You are simply adorable in that dress. Wowsers! It is stunning. And your yarn swift? You designed that? I SO need one!! Unbelievably apologetic for just now replying. Really quite unforgivable.

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